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Producer (制片人)

Beijing, China
Warner Bros. Entertainment Group
Requisition ID: 180882BR

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JOB TITLE: Director, Local Productions
DIV\\DEPT: WB Pictures International / Local Production
REPORTS TO: VP, Head of Theatrical Development and Production, China

Primary Purpose of Job:
Under the direction of the VP, Head of Theatrical Development and Production, China (VP), provide consulting services with respect to Warner Bros.’ Chinese language film business in China by interfacing with Chinese production partners on Chinese language and co-production film projects (“Projects”) in which Warner Bros. invests. Oversee the day-to-day business needs of physical and post production on all WB Chinese language films. Serve as a key interface with executives or producers at production companies on projects undertaken by WB China. Provide consulting services in areas of assessing and monitoring financial and operational aspects of the projects.

Job Responsibilities:
Co-production projects:
1. Oversee the pre-production process including sets selection, ensuring production funds are in place, casting and talent contracts are in order.
2. Oversee the physical production of co-production projects, ensuring they are completed on schedule and to the WB standard of quality.
3. Interface with Chinese production partners to monitor production activities and relevant reports, e.g. cost reports, production schedules, and review dailies.
4. Evaluate and meet with potential post-production partners, visual effects companies, animation companies to provide resources for potential use in Warner Bros. films.
5. Be responsible for content and technical censorship submission and approval with Film Bureau.

Co-investment projects:
1. Establish the joint financial account as well as communication mechanism with investment partners.
2. Conduct regular set visits, ensuring footages, video materials are available at key milestones of production projects for WB’s review. Ensure post-production partners are in coordination with WB distribution and marketing team on providing distribution & marketing campaign materials.

1. Prepare and submit reports on the Projects as required by Warner Bros.’ entities, including ad-hoc requests for pertinent information.
2. Review all rough cuts and video materials, and work with WB Development team to provide detailed feedback.
3. Advise on regulatory approval and formalities, as required.
4. Interact closely with Warner Bros. Home Office management.
5. Any other activities required by Warner Bros.
  • BA/BS in related field required.
  • Post Graduate desirable.

o Established credibility and base of existing relationships within the creative community, while at the same time proven track record of driving projects/productions to completion on-time and within budget.
o Involvement in all aspects of the film production process including, but not limited to, team selection, production and post-production, and budgetary knowledge.
o Strong interpersonal skills are required as this job is primarily interacting with people and maintaining relations and contact throughout the film community.
o Must be able to interact with all levels of management.
o Proficient in spoken and written English.
o Computer relevant skills required.
Work Experience
Extensive broad-based experience in the production, post-production of Chinese-language films.

部门: 本地制作部


1. 监督前期筹备过程,包括场景选择,确保制作资金和演职人员合同到位。
2. 监督合拍片的实际拍摄,确保按计划完成并达到华纳兄弟的质量标准。
3. 与中国制作合作伙伴进行交流以监督制作活动和相关报告,例如:成本报告,制作进度表和每日审核。
4. 评估并与潜在可合作的后期制作合作伙伴、视效公司和动画公司接洽,以提供可用于华纳兄弟电影的资源。
5. 负责内容和技术审查申请并获得电影局的许可。

1. 建立与投资合作伙伴的联合财务账户及沟通机制。
2. 定期前往片场,以确保制作项目的关键里程碑节点可以有素材、视频资料供华纳兄弟审评。确保后期制作合作伙伴与华纳兄弟发行和营销团队进行协调,提供发行和营销活动材料。
1. 根据华纳兄弟的要求准备并提交有关项目报告,包括临时要求的相关信息。
2. 查看所有粗剪和视频资料,并与华纳兄弟开发团队合作以提供详细的反馈。
3. 按要求就监管审批手续提供建议。
4. 与华纳兄弟中国及总部管理层保持密切沟通。
5. 华纳兄弟要求的其他任何活动。

1. 在创意圈内建立了良好信誉和一定的人脉关系,有将项目/制作按时按预算完成的良好记录。 2. 参与过电影制作全过程,包括但不限于团队选择、制作和后期制作以及预算。 3. 必须具备较强的人际交往能力,因为这项工作主要是与人交往,维持在电影圈内的关系。
4. 必须有与各级管理层沟通的能力。
5. 熟练的英语口语和书写能力
6. 计算机相关技能要求。


Warner Media, LLC and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers. Qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, mental or physical disability, and genetic information, marital status, citizenship status, military status, protected veteran status or any other category protected by law.